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Maconochie roots, England, Scotland, Ireland; research; arrive at McConaghy. UsToo.

1.  Tracing surnames:  Maconochie to McConaghy.
2.  Family archives: What photographs trigger. The binder of imagined and real memory events.
3.  Names, heritage, politics.  Old MeToo's.  UsToo.
4.  Clan evolutions.

1.  Clan history. Pasts of ordinary families. How arrive at the McConaghys, lately emigrants to NY in the late 1800's, regular folks who enjoy roots in old heritage;; from Clan Donnachaidh? Maconochie. Robertson.

 The old typing from this 1851 work did not scan well. Magnify the excerpt here: my retyping.  Glossary meanings are linked, or footnoted.  Letter source: The Encyclopedia of Heraldry or General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland, by John Burke, Esq. "comprising a registry of all armorial bearings from the earliest to the present time." John Burke: 1787-1848.  Bernard Burke 1814-1892. Page 640 of 1103.  Armorial bearings:  to one person at a time in line of descent.

Is this precise? Heraldry is a preoccupation with a language all its own.

"MACONOCHIE (Meadowbank, co. Edinburgh; originally Campbell, of Inverawe, living temp. [what exactly is that?] David II, eldest son of Sir Neil Campbell, of Lochow, by his second wife, a daughter of Sir John Cameron of Locheil.  Duncan's eldest son was named Dougal, after his mother's family; and his eldest son Duncan, who, according to the Celtic custom, was patronymically  M'Dowill Vic Conachie;  and thus the appellation Maconochie, came to be of Inverawe, while the cadets still bore the name of Campbell.  MACONOCHIE, of Meadowbank, one of the Senators of the College of Justice, as Lord Meadowbank, only son of the late eminent and scientific Judge, Allan, Lord Meadowbank.
The ARMS, according to the Charter recorded in the Register of the Lyon Office, are, azure three dexter hands couped fesseways [central point in an escutcheon, 1900 American Dictionary] in chief, each holding a bunch of arrows, ppr. {abbreviation of 'proper']and in base a royal crown gold, all within a bordure gyronny of eight, gold and black.  But the family have lately returned to the older form of the armorial ensigns, which, instead of having the gyronny of eight as a bordure, places it in chief on the dexter side party per pale from the three hands holding arrows on the sinister.
CREST -- A demi Highlandman holding in the dexter hand a bunch of arrows, all ppr,;  above, an imperial crown.
SUPPORTERS -- Two Highlanders attired ppr. in old Campbell tartan, each holding in the exterior hand a bow and arrow, also ppr.
MOTTO -- His nitimur et munitor.  ("We rely on these and are strengthened by them.") 
Should that be monitor and not munitor?
Typed note from Uncle Billy added in same type at bottom: "To Harold McConaghy (elder brother) Christmas 1944:  The Motto, Pax cum ustitia et aequitate  ("Peace with justice and righteousness" *) chosen during these days of the Second World War."  
There is a drawing by someone (Uncle Bill, was that you?) of the WWII Arms, oddly proportioned, not included here.
2.  Family archives get mixed.  Our McConaghy, William McConaghy (he of many brothers) married Louise Brien Hilliard.  Photos get intermixed, changing the conversation. What of the millions whose families were divided, sold, heritage truncated, no binders over distances. All are migrants, victors, victims.
There is a copy of a photograph of my grandparents, Louise Brien Hilliard McConaghy, her husband, William McConaghy, and a toddler on Robert's lap, perhaps the deceased Robbie McConaghy. Or daughter Louise, who was next eldest. 
    •  And we go farther astray.  Mother Louise:  The non-McConaghy, also Irish. Marriage record affirms father as William Brien. Raised: Trillick,  Is this he, born 1848?  
    • To family stories:  William Brien, of Norman descent (Guy de Brienne?) was much older, and had his way with young teen Margaret Hilliard who worked at big Glengeen Lodge owned by the Norman Brien family, and she had my grandmother, Louise. He (and they) kept it all secret. 
      • Who did Nana say the father was all that time?  the shame of it? Or nobody asked?  My grandmother attended church and school. William Brien on his own kept up contacts throughout, and made gifts of stock and ventured many visits after she and Nana came to America in about 1898. He sustained my grandmother as a widow raising 5 children until the money/stock he gave her was gone.  He seems to have wanted a relationship with his daughter, always courteous, generous. She remained angry. 
      • His later relatives had no idea we all exist. Now they do, and many photos change hands.   Don't we ramble? The inheritance, however, was gone -- William moved away from Glengeen and the government forfeit gone landlords.  So.  Now, I understand, the Briens or their folk have bought it back.

3.  Names, heritage, politics. Would Nana have begun an 1872 #MeToo? Do families repeat the agonies of forbears until somebody gets it better? Noone will ever know.
  • Why bother. No witnesses, just her word about who it was, but exact date? Never get a rich guy to take responsibility unless you die yourself, and even then he swims free. Trauma gets in the way. She was 14. 
  • Then and now, is one reason for poking back in history,. If nobody sees and attests, then the rule of supremacism says it did not happen.  If noone heard the tree fall, then there was no noise. 
* Peace and Justice:  This was also the motto chosen by Pope Paul for his Pontifical Commission 1978 -- The McConaghy family branch from Northern Ireland were not Roman Catholic, however, so if the Pope cribbed, he cribbed from a fine tradition.  Our heritage instead:  apparently consistent Presbyterian ministers continuing through emigration to NYC.  Matthew McConaghy -- 18th C. See Greenhills, Convoy/Raphoe, County Donegal etc. Places:  Tullydonnell, Carrickbrack, Ardvarnock Glebe, too much to sort out. Old archives.

4.  Clan evolutions.

Clan Donnachaidh-Robertson 1893 organization, then centennial. Hear.  Museum, cottage etc. Video on Robertson myths.  Robertson, clan cognomen Duncan, M'Connachie. Family archivist Violet Perkins notes it ws in about 1650 that the MacConachies of Scotland left and became the McConaghys in Ireland.  More:  Duncan is from Don or Donn, brown and cath, a battle.  In Gaelic, MacDhonnchaidh is son of Duncah.  Are the Clan Donnachies the Robertsons of Athole, from Duncan de Atholia?  Robert -- in Gaelic (she says, and she is now gone) Raibeart, Rob from Anglo-Saxon "Robert" or 'bright fame.'  And more of her typed pages. What to do with it all?

**  A wander: There still is a stained glass window in the Sunday School with a little lamb, in Robbie's little honor (died flu NYC we are told at age 7, 1914 or so), Bedford Park Presbyterian Church, 2943 Bainbridge Avenue, The Bronx. My father, Howard Carman Scharfe, was a theology student at Union Seminary and assistant at Bedford Park Presbyterian (where he met my mother in the 1930's, Marjorie McConaghy, a daughter of Louise and Robert, above, all active in the Bedford Park church there.  Now in Woodlawn. 

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