Friday, July 27, 2012

Dublin. James Joyce: Ulysses Reviews. 1922

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James Joyce may seem an odd interest for travel, but he recurs. He appears in memorials not only in Ireland and Paris by reference, but in Pula, Croatia, where he lived and taught.  Ulysses. For me, that was a semester course in college, and now enjoyed anew with a Down Syndrome son. He delights in knowledge, and an elocution aloud of passages that sometimes become clear by the sound of the words.

For anyone planning a trip to Dublin, read an early review of Ulysses, May 28, 1922, at  The review, in the New York Times Book Review as reprinted (our copy) in the October 6, 1996, retrospective, is by Dr. Joseph Collins. Collins.  Irish? 1866-1950, a neurologist, born in Brookfield, CT.  Resources on James Joyce:

The book was published in Paris in 1922, but banned in America until 1933 with its free use of words agreed at the time to be "base, vulgar, vicious and depraved" -- that from the review. Yet it is also nearer than any work to that time, of "the perfect revelation of a personality."  It was then freed simultaneously with repeal of Prohibition.  First legal printing here:  American edition of 1934. 

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