Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DUBLIN. Bram Stoker, Dublin's Claim to Dracula

Dublin County
Leinster Province

Daniel the Traveler here, is our famed co-Director of the ad hoc Car-Dan Tour Company, of (click) Europe Road Ways fame.  He went to the bookstore, as his custom often.  He found out that Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula,  is a Dubliner, born in 1847. We never knew that when we were there, or when we went to Romania,  but here is corroboration: at the venerable BBC itself, at ://  See our Romania site at Romania Road Ways, Vlad Tepes Sites.

Apparently, Bram Stoker was shaped by horror stories of the cholera epidemic in Ireland in 1832, among other influences.

He went to Trinity College in Dublin, and was athletic and a debater.  He was a civil servant at Dublin Castle, and received an M.A. in Mathematics.

After he moved to London, he qualified as a Barrister, but did not practice. "Dracula" - his most famous novel, published in 1897 - earned him zilch.  He died in 1912.

The point? That taking a young person to Europe, or other area where they have an affinity from vague roots, can leads to lifetime interests in the interrelationships among countries they have actually seen. Skip the summer camp. One parent, one child, go somewhere. Climb castles or whatever. Eat and sleep on the cheap. Life. Bram Stoker born in Dublin. Who'd 'a' guessed.

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