Saturday, January 19, 2008

THEMES. WC - The Necessaries of the World - Blarney

THEMES. With travel, come recurrent topics, how people solve common problems, for example. Here, the necessary, the WC.

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Blarney Castle

The name "Blarney" has acquired such a cozy sound, with all the jokes about the Blarney, or acquiring the gift of the gab, the wheeling talk, see definition at:// at Blarney Stone.

Instead, it is a formidable defense structure,  and foreboding. See it from a distance at other posts, that discuss parking lot theft issues, the fine Blarney Stone and the murder hole, at Ireland Road Ways, Blarney Castle.

The topic here, however, is the ubiquitous WC. The necessary. The halfway house. What did people in castles do, from London Tower to the Rhine, to anywhere, to relieve their medieval selves.

They sat and out it all went, down the side, into the moat, into the river, hoping the tides will come in enough. Look there on the side - the place for it. Convenient, no need to go outside where the enemies are and the stairs are inconvenient at night.

Go ahead.

Others are at Europe Road Ways, Themes, WC. See also the castles on the Rhine in Germany.  Look for the little room overhanging the river. See London Tower - recall that its moat used to come and go with the tides.  And look up.  There it is - hoping for the tides.

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