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Cork. KINSALE, County Cork

Kinsale, Cork
The Flight of the Earls

Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

Kinsale - A port, southern coast; military stronghold. It also is a center for the arts, history.  Kinsale as a culinary center supreme attracts professional and amateur foodies. See .

In 1601, the Spanish and English defeated the Irish at the Battle of Kinsale. Hugh O'Neill had made the error of moving his Irish troops into Kinsale to fight, and there was a rout - followed by the Flight of the Earls in 1607 - marking an end of the Irish hopes of independence at the time.

For the sad tale of the Flight of the Earls, see Find contemporary documents about it at, a "Corpus of Electronic Texts (CELT)".

A section concerning the Earls is found at

For a view of the realities of the time, what recourse there may or may not have been, whether the Earls believed Spain would return with them to rout the English, did they realize that Spain's fleet had been decimated earlier, what laws were invoked, made, stretched, detailed sites become overwhelming.  To start on this kind of complex fact base, go to (yes) Wikipedia as a beginning framework, at

What would have been different if they had not fled, on their ship with all those families, out of the Lough in Donegal? Would there have been ever a Plantation, where the Crown planted English, Scottish and Welsh families on escheated lands of the Earls, forfeit?  The Earls would have been compelled to live in vastly reduced circumstances after the victory of the English in the rest of Ireland, with their Ulster only remaining, and dominated.   But would that have been better for the Irish?

Our probably Plantation Irish, or were they there before but Protestant already, we would like to ask.  See

Cork: history at We enjoyed a day there, but prefer country to cities overall.

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